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Conceived to accommodate large events such as the Joinville Dance Festival, Centreventos comprises three large facilities - the Multipurpose Arena, the Alfredo Salfer Convention Center and the Edmundo Doubrawa Expocenter -, as well as the Juarez Machado Theater, which normally operates as an independent unit.
Inaugurated on June 26, 1998, it also houses the headquarters of the Bolshoi Theater School in Brazil, the Festival Festival of Dance and the Cultural Foundation of Joinville, which started to administer it from June 2009.
The Centreventos Cau Hansen Complex houses the Juarez Machado Theater, the Multipurpose Arena, the Expocentro Edmundo Doubrawa and the Alfredo Salfer Convention Center. With a 1,200m2 stage, the Multipurpose Arena can hold up to 6,000 people in the audience, in bleachers and in 32 staterooms.

Centreventos Cau Hansen

View the JOINVILLE INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL is innovative in its production dynamics, accessing the needy population to CINEMA, recycling professionals and providing knowledge and exchange of experiences; Of the spectator public in the cinematographic sessions in peripheral districts.

The city of Joinville has a huge deficiency in movie theaters. In addition, commercial cinemas are prone to the display of commercial distribution films, which makes it difficult to access intellectual and art-quality cinema viewing, such as independent international cinema, of which only special rooms in large centers have access.

The art must be accessible to all, and most of the inhabitants of Joinville, who live in the outskirts of the city, never went to the movies.

The great exhibitors restrict access to quality cimetographic works, due to their commercial grids and prices inaccessible to the most needy public. This initiative rescues the citizenship of these joinvillenses contributors, without decent access to art in their peripheral neighborhoods.

  The JOINVILLE INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL will contribute directly to the training of new spectators and opinion trainers, audience qualification, necessary for the growth and development of cultural production in Joinville.

We propose the realization of JOINVILLE INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL with the intention of strengthening the Brazilian cinematographic production, leverage local audiovisual production and culturally promote Santa Catarina.

The art must be accessible to all, and most of the inhabitants of Joinville, who live in the outskirts of the city, never went to the movies.

Within this scenario is even greater the difficulty faced by the independent Short Film theater, which is a non-commercial format, works are almost unknown to the public, especially those who live far from the urban centers.

The JOINVILLE INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL fulfills the important role of contributing to the short film cinema to find its audience in the city.

The national display scenario has grown 200% in the last 5 years, giving credibility to the sector's prerogative for investment in the area and ratifying the renewed interest of the public in Cinema, especially in social exhibition projects, with great success throughout Brazil.

The films selected by the Festival will have as a criterion a great identification with the spectators of the neighborhoods, with technical and artistic quality, enhancing the empathy of the cinema with the public and spreading the cinematographic culture in Joinville.

In the international scene we will have a show of directors and films that are standing out in international film festivals, presenting a panorama of the current production in the world.

JOINVILLE INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL contributes to the integration of the culture of the State of Santa Catarina with the "Mostra Catarina de Cinema", showing the best works produced in the State.



Select 40 short films for public viewing in squares


Broadening the vision for the public joinvillense in the peripheries

To form an appreciation audience of Cinema in Joinville in the neighborhoods

To stimulate a popularization of Short Film Cinema in Joinville

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